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The Family Federation of Finland

Alternative name Väestöliitto

The Family Federation of Finland improves people's well-being and the connection between people. As an organisation we strive to be trustworthy, approachable, just, active and unprejudiced. We highly value diversity and equality and defend human rights. Our work is based on our values, research and the experience and feedback from our services for individual citizens.

The organisation was founded in 1941 and has in many ways participated in the construction of the Finnish welfare society and in the open-minded search for solutions to timely problems. We aim to improve the well-being of children, youth and families, to achieve a sustainable demographic growth and to promote sexual rights both in Finland and globally.

The Family Federation of Finland offers nationwide support, anonymously and free of charge on the phone and on the web for teenagers, young adults, couples, parents with small children, grandparents and migrants who have moved to Finland from abroad. You can find the services and the information aimed at individual citizens on the Hyvä kysymys service.

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Kalevankatu 16
00100 Helsinki

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The Family Federation of Finland's website

The Hyvä kysymys online service

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Kalevankatu 16
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