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National Enforcement Authority Finland

National Enforcement Authority Finland is an agency under the Ministry of Justice, charged with the independent performance of statutory enforcement duties. The enforcement service was organised into a single national authority on 1 December 2020 and the local enforcement offices, Åland Provincial Enforcement Office and National Administrative Office for Enforcement were disbanded.

National Enforcement Authority Finland enforces court judgments and collects directly enforceable receivables, such as fines, taxes and insurance premiums upon application. The Authority’s duties are described in more detail in the “Information on enforcement” section. The Central Administration of National Enforcement Authority Finland is responsible for the administration, steering and oversight of enforcement.

National Enforcement Authority Finland has a network of 64 offices covering the entire territory of Finland. The Authority’s Central Administration and main office are located in Turku. Some functions of the Central Administration are based in Helsinki, and a few are also performed by the Authority’s other offices.

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National Enforcement Authority Finland
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