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We are continuously improving access to Web Service

Published 8/13/2020

In the Web Service, accessibility is considered from a variety of different perspectives. You can use the web service with a range of different terminal devices and assistive technologies, such as screen reading software.

In addition to technical accessibility, accessible contents are also a key priority in All user interface texts and the guiding contents intended for citizens and companies are produced in Finnish, Swedish and English. The contents are written in a clear and easy-to-understand language so that using the web service would be as easy as possible.

We will publish the accessibility statements of the Web Service and other services in September 2020.

Read more about the accessibility of services. Design System helps to improve technical accessibility

User interface components of the Design System library are now utilised in the development of the Web Service. They will help to make the different parts of the web service more accessible. 

We are cooperating with an accessibility expert during the design and implementation process to ensure the accessibility of the user interface components of the Design System library. All components are also tested before they are made available. 

You can freely use the components in unmodified form, or you can modify them to suit the visual appearance of your own service. The Design System library is developed and maintained by the Digital and Population Data Services Agency.

Read more about the Design System (in Finnish).

The user’s favourites option will be discontinued

The option of saving pages as favourites will be removed from the Web Service. All lists of users’ favourites will be removed on Tuesday 18 August 2020. In the future, you can save your favourite websites using such features as browser bookmarks. 

If you need help with bookmarks, study the instructions of your browser: