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The authorities joined forces and compiled an information package for young people turning 18

Published 12/2/2020

The electronic information package gathers together all of the rights and obligations related to using official services that become the responsibility of a young person at the age of 18. The package has been compiled by the Digital and Population Data Services Agency, the Social Insurance Institution of Finland (Kela), One-Stop Guidance Centers (Ohjaamot), the police, the Defence Forces and the Tax Administration. 

18 is a fantastic age, which brings many rights. For example, 18-year-olds can vote, drive a car once they have obtained a driving licence or get married. The age of majority also obligates young people to take care of their tax matters and apply for benefits themselves. 

The Digital and Population Data Services Agency, Kela, One-Stop Guidance Centres, the police, the Defence Forces and the Tax Administration have together compiled an electronic package that contains support and information on all official matters related to reaching the age of 18.

– An 18-year-old is for the first time responsible for using the services provided by the authorities himself of herself. The parents of a young person still living at home cannot take care of their child’s matters without a separate authorisation to use the services on the child’s behalf. Many things may seem challenging at first, but help is always available, says Liinu Lehto, Communications and Marketing Director at the Digital and Population Data Services Agency. 

The pages include tips for how to order a tax card, submit a notification of move, obtain a passport, ID card and a driving licence, and other information. In addition, parties offering young people support for taking care of official matters, such as the national One-Stop Guidance Centers, have been listed on the pages. 

– The services provided by public administration are rapidly becoming electronic. If young people get their online banking codes and activate Messages when they turn 18, it will be easy for them to use the authorities’ services electronically, Lehto continues.

The transition to electronic services is both economical and ecological. The environmental impacts are also significant as unnecessary paper mail will be eliminated. 

– As part of the package for 18-year-olds, we will send every young person turning 18 in Finland an official greeting card. We hope that the card will be the last piece of paper post they receive from us. It directs them to the information bank and provides instructions on how to start using e-services, Lehto continues. 

The information package for 18-year-olds is available at