Go directly to contents. e-Authorizations: Processing of errors caused by overlapping mandates is now easier

Published 10/18/2019

A new feature that will benefit especially accounting firms and other professional users was introduced in e-Authorizations. As a result, the processing of errors caused by overlapping mandates became easier. The new feature will not require users to take any measures.

The e-Authorizations service has previously reported a conflict if an employee who is being granted a mandate already has a mandate for the same mandate theme from the same customer and the periods of validity of these two mandates overlap. The procedure has ended in an error message.

For example, such a situation occurs when the mandates of another employee are used as a template for creating mandates for a new employee and a company or person for whom the employee already has an overlapping mandate is copied along with the template.

In the new version, the service compiles a list of conflicts and their solutions. The user can remove the overlapping mandate directly from the list.

Improvements have also been made to the simultaneous processing of mandate requests. New mandates and mandate requests can be created faster.