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Over 10 million transactions using e-Authorizations to act on behalf of another party

Published 6/25/2019

Since the e-Authorizations service was launched (August 2016), it has been used over 10 million times to act on behalf of a company or another person. 

Especially this year, the use of the service has increased drastically. In 2017, there were roughly 1.2 million transactions on behalf of others, and in 2018, the amount was already 2.9 million. During the beginning of this year (January to May) the amount of transactions on behalf of another party reached over 6.5 million, which is over 1.6 million transactions per month. 

The amount of mandate verifications is expected to double within the following year, when for example private sector actors start using the Authorizations service more and more. 

Digitising the verification process brings considerable savings

Using the Authorizations service saves costs especially in e-services. The greatest savings come from digitising the verification process of authorisations, which speeds up the mandate verification, reduces the need for visitation or call services and other manual work related to verifying an authorisation.

Based on an estimation by an independent party, each transaction saved 6–10 euros. The Authorizations service has therefore already saved a running total of 60-100 million euros. The real savings are even greater than the estimation, as it does not include the savings individual citizens or companies gain by being able to act on behalf of another party at any time and in any place.

Successful start of the year

All in all, the year has started well for the Authorizations service. In June, the service came third in the Sharing & Reuse Awards held by the European Commission. The awards searched for digital services and programmes of EU and EFTA member states, that are innovative and have an impact on the society.