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Making acting on behalf of another party in social welfare e-services easier – a separate mandate code for social welfare

Published 8/22/2019

A separate e-services mandate code has now been specified for social welfare in e-Authorizations. With the new mandate code, allowing an assignee to act on behalf of another party is easy.

The mandate code specifies the matters in which the assignee can act on behalf of the assignor. The mandate code has been jointly specified by the National Institute for Health and Welfare and the Population Register Centre. 

More flexible services with e-Authorizations

With e-Authorizations, e-services can meet their clients’ needs in a more flexible manner, irrespective of time and place. Citizens can manage their family members’ matters outside office hours anywhere, anytime. 

Using the service, the right of the assignee to act on behalf of the assignor can be verified reliably and cost-efficiently. The right of the assignee to act on behalf of an underage child is based on the guardianship details kept in the Population Information System. The right of the assignee to act on behalf of an adult is based on the e-authorisation granted on Web Service, which can be restricted using specific mandate codes. 

Social welfare now has its own mandate code

The mandate code specified for social welfare speeds up the introduction of e-Authorizations as the providers of social welfare services no longer need to specify the content of the mandate code. In fact, with the new mandate code, social welfare personnel can now offer their clients an easy way to act on behalf of an adult or an underage child. 

In the social welfare mandate code, the authorisation of the assignee is described as follows:

Theme category: Social welfare and healthcare

Name of the mandate code: Managing matters related to social welfare services

Description of mandate: 

This mandate allows the assignee to:

- view the client data recorded on the assignor in social welfare services

- apply for social services on behalf of the assignor

- receive information on social welfare decisions that concern the assignor

- provide and receive information related to the assignor’s social welfare.

Social welfare e-services can start using the new mandate code on 22 August 

The social welfare mandate code will be made available in the e-Authorizations service of Web Service on 22 August 2019. After that, you can create a mandate allowing another adult to act on your behalf in social welfare matters. For information and instructions on e-Authorizations, go to the instructions and support section of Web Service. 

However, the mandate code is not yet used in e-services. Acting on behalf of another party in social welfare matters will only become possible when an e-service starts using the e-Authorizations and the mandate code. For example, in My Kanta, the social welfare mandate code will be introduced in 2020.

Information for service providers on the introduction of e-Authorizations is available at

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