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Information on e-Authorizations e-Authorizations make it possible to act on behalf of other persons, companies, associations or other organisations in the services that use e-Authorizations to verify the person’s right to act. You can act on behalf of another person whenever and wherever, as the information on the right to act is always up to date. e-Authorizations check your right in the basic registers (for example, the Population Information System and the registers of the Finnish Patent and Registration Office) and the authorisation register.

In e-Authorizations, private persons, companies, associations and other organisations can also authorise a person, company, association or other organisation to act on their behalf. A mandate is an electronic power of attorney, the details of which are entered in the authorisation register. contains general instructions on the granting of and request for mandates and information on the use of e-services with e-Authorizations. Also see the instructions provided by different organisations The will provide more information on the use of e-Authorizations in the service in question. 

In Suomi-fi e-Authorizations, you will see

  • granted and reveived mandates
  • sent and received mandate requests
  • the mandates that have expired or have been invalidated prior to expiry
  • the mandates granted by a company an agricultural partnership, a forest property partnership or a real estate partnership, which must be validated together by several persons entitled to represent the company or partnership and which will only be valid once they have been validated by all validators
  • the mandates that have to be validated together by the guardians of a minor and are only valid after all guardians have confirmed them.

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The Public Service Info provides advice on the use of e-Authorizations to private clients.

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