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In e-Authorizations, private persons, companies and organisations can authorise someone else to act on their behalf.
A mandate is an electronic power of attorney, the details of which are entered in the authorisation register. When you want to act on behalf of someone else in a service that uses e-Authorizations, the valid mandates will be checked from the authorisation register.
When you grant a mandate, you will first log into using your personal identification tokens and select whose mandates you want to go to. You then select the assignee/assignees and the matters that they will be able to manage on your behalf. The mandate will be valid for the time period specified by you. When you request a mandate, its validity will not start until the receiver has validated your request.

Authorisation with an application

If a company, association, some other organisation or a person cannot independently grant mandates in e-Authorizations, mandates can be registered on the basis of a mandate application.