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Personal Data

The personal data section shows a summary of your key personal and address data in the Population Information System. For more detailed information, go to the Check Your Registered Data service.

Example of content:
  • Surname (current): Haapakoski
  • First names (current): Aliisa Piia Etel
  • Personal identity code: 230796-998E
  • Nationality: Suomi
  • Marital status: Naimaton
  • Mother tongue: suomi
  • Municipality at birth:Laitila
  • Country of birth: Suomi
  • Municipality of residence: Helsinki
  • Municipality of residence at year end: Laitila
  • Residence ID of permanent residence: 90000000461M136
  • Permanent street address in Finland: Sammatintie 6 M 136
  • Postal code: 00550
  • Post office: HELSINKI
  • Permanent residence start date: 19960921
  • E-mail address:
  • Registration authority: Helsingin maistraatti
  • Religion (current): 000626
  • Parish (current): Paavalin seurakunta
  • Data retrieved: 18.08.2015 12:47

Register data is not available in English. Data will be shown in Finnish.

Check Your Registered Data service

You can use the service Check Your Registered Data (in Finnish and Swedish) to check your data saved in the Population Information System. In the service, you can also add and modify eg. the following information: email address and profession.

Notification of move to Posti and the Local Register Office

The purpose of the notification of move is to inform the Local Register Office of your address. Notification of change of address to Local Register Office.

What to do if you find an error

If you find errors in your data that you wish to correct, please contact the Local Register Office for your home municipality.