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My forest estate data

The forest estate information shows you a compilation of your key data saved in the Forest Information System. This data shows you, for instance, the forest area and provides information about the tree stand, the nature objects and the proposed treatments for the next four-year period.

Example of content:

My forest estate data

Tatu Tutustuja

Forest area: 34,3 ha
Tree stand: total volume: 5 360 m³
Average volume: 156 m³/ha
Proposed treatments for the next four-year period: Forest management proposals: 0,9 ha
Felling possibilities: 4,6 ha 382 m³
Nature objects: Nature sites under the Forest Act: 3 pcs.
Subsidized environmental objects: 6 pcs.
Other legitimate nature objects: 0 pcs.
Other nature objects: 3 pcs.

576-415-2-76-0000 Hietakolu 34,3 ha

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Only estates with a valid legal confirmation of possession of real estate are displayed here. If an estate you own seems to be missing, please contact the National Land Survey of Finland customer service

For advice on matters related to your forest, please contact the Finnish Forest Centre customer support

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