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Environmental protection and nature conservation

Environmental protection focuses on the prevention of damage. This is carried out through legislation, financial controls, permit procedures, voluntary measures and increasing environmental awareness.

Nature conservation focuses on preserving biodiversity. Endangered species, both flora and fauna, have a better chance of survival in national parks.

Everyone is in a position to influence the state of the living environment. Consumer habits and making them more environmentally friendly have a key role here. Nature conservation enjoys strong support among citizens.

The Ministry of the Environment implements policy on the environment. The Finnish Environment Institute (SYKE) studies phenomena related to changes in the environment and develops solutions for managing such changes.

The sections responsible for the environment and natural resources of the Centres for Economic Development, Transport and the Environment deal with environmental issues in their own regions. Some of Centres also have special national duties, including Arctic area environmental cooperation, noise abatement or protection of the Saimaa seal. The sections responsible for environmental permits in the Regional State Administrative Agencies deal with and decide on environmental permits under the Environmental Protection Act and the Water Act. Municipalities are responsible for local environmental protection and monitoring, and they decide on applications for environmental permits from small plants.

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