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Housing and construction

The type of housing people choose depends on their life situation. Part-ownership and right-of-occupancy housing are alternatives to owning property and renting. Those on low incomes can receive a housing allowance, regardless of the type of their homes.

Creating a safe and healthy living environment is first and foremost the responsibility of the local authority. A building permit from the municipality is required in order to start building. A permit may also be required for renovation if major alterations are to be carried out.

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  • Report on construction - Households  e-service
    Households must file reports to the Tax Administration for all the building and construction work for which a permit is needed if the final inspection is on 1 July 2014 or later. Reports must be filed before conducting the final inspection. Log in to ...
    Tax Administration
  • Report on contract details  e-service
    NEW: The form is now used for contract reporting, specifically for each agreement signed or specifically for each building site. Customers who buy construction services must file site-specific or contract-specific reports every month in order to give d...
    Tax Administration
  • Report on employee details  e-service
    NEW TIP: To fill in the Country, all you have to do is validate the Country Code. For example, for Estonia, enter 'EE' in the drop-down list, for Finland, enter 'FI' etc. You must complete separate fillable web forms for the employee details of each em...
    Tax Administration
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    Information and services related to housing and construction.
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