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Waste management monitoring

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We oversee companies’ and city residents’ compliance with the Waste Act, i.e. that they, among other things, comply with the littering ban and organise their waste management appropriately. We also process environmental permits for the storage of hazardous waste and end-of-life vehicles, we receive notifications of the collection of waste on a professional basis in the waste management register an ...

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Background information

Municipalities and municipal waste utilities provide advice on how to treat municipal waste. As part of the advisory service, local residents are provided with information on the environmental impacts of their own activities, sustainable consumption, recycling, composting, food waste and waste treatment. The purpose of the advisory service is to reduce the amount and harmfulness of municipal waste, promote waste recycling and ensure proper waste management practices. You can report on littering or inadequacies in the treatment and storage of dangerous substances to the waste advisory service of your municipality.

Waste advice is available online, in printed publications and at information briefings. Municipalities may organise the advisory service with their own resources or by other means (such as an outsourced service).

The service is provided by

City of Helsinki

Responsible for the service

Urban Environment Division, City of Helsinki
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Updated: 17/9/2023