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Vocational labour market training

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The City of Tampere is responsible for offering this service to persons whose municipality of residence is Tampere and who belong to the target group of local government employment pilot projects. Tampere is also responsible for the service for immigrants of Pirkanmaa who are in the process of integration, excluding immigrants whose municipality of residence is Kuhmoinen.

The target group for these pilots includes unemployed job seekers, subsidized persons in employment and job seekers in services promoting employment,

1) who are not entitled to an earnings related daily allowance, or

2) who are under 30 years of age, immigrants or foreign-language speakers.

The local government pilots on promoting employment have been enacted by law (Act 1269/2020)).

The goal of vocational labour market training is to improve the job seeker’s professional skills, his/her opportunities to find work or to maintain a job, and to improve their ability to be self-employed. Vocational labour market training that promotes professional capacities also aims to satisfy the needs of enterprises and other employers for a skilled workforce, as well as to support them in situations of restructuring and other changes. Training is also provided to meet the needs of the labour market.

Vocational labour market training is procured by the Pirkanmaa Centre for Economic Development, Transport and the Environment. The training is planned and carried out in collaboration with the trainers and the local government pilot area.

The aim of the vocational labour market training is to offer training that promotes professional preparedness and employment. It can take the form of basic vocational or professional qualifications, diploma components, further or continuing vocational qualification modules, further or continuing education, entrepreneurship training and integration training.

In particular cases, at the TE Office’s discretion, the training may be basic adult education, studies leading to an academic degree, various cards and licences required for work, such as a hygiene pass.

During vocational labour market training you will receive the same benefits as if you were unemployed. If you have agreed on labour market training in an employment plan or in a replacement plan, you may receive unemployment benefit at a higher rate. The payer of the benefit, i.e. unemployment fund or Social Insurance Institution (Kela) decide whether to pay the increased part of the benefit.

Do the following

As a client of a local government pilot, you will receive guidance on how to apply for vocational labour market training from your personal counsellor. The TE Office selects the students.

Before submitting your application, carefully read the qualification requirements for the training you are interested in.

If you are unemployed, you may apply for reimbursement for your travel and accommodation costs for the trip:

  • to a selection interview or an aptitude test for labour market training
  • to the educational institution before starting the labour market training, or if your disability or illness requires you to familiarise yourself with the accessibility and suitability of the educational institution.

You will get further information from your own counsellor

To whom and on what terms

Unemployed people over 20 years old or are threatened with unemployment will be selected as a priority. However, an employed or self-employed person may also be selected if the training is considered to promote career development within the current job or to support a change of sector. The training is adult education.

Student selection

Students are selected by a team consisting of experts of employment and economic development services and a representative of the training provider. If an employer takes part in planning and funding the training, a representative of the employer will also participate in the selection process. Other experts may also be involved if necessary.

Selection is based on applications, interviews and, if necessary, aptitude tests. Occasionally, training may be preceded by an initial period, after which only some of the students will continue their studies.

Matters to consider in the selection process:

The TE Office has established that the applicant needs training.

Informing about the selection results:

The TE Office responsible for student selections will inform the candidates about its decision by letter, usually within about a month after the application period for the training has closed. If you have filled in your application by logging in to, you can track the progress of your application online via the Omat hakemukset (My applications to training) service.

If you are selected for labour market training, the training provider will usually send you a separate invitation to the training. The invitation will give you more detailed information about the start date and other arrangements of the training programme.

For transport services training, the cost of obtaining a driver’s licence is paid by the applicant.

The service is free of charge.

Basic information

The service is provided byELY Centre for Pirkanmaa
Responsible for the serviceCity of Tampere
Area Tampere
Available languagesEnglish, Finnish
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Updated: 15/7/2022