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Vocational and career guidance

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Vocational and career guidance is guidance offered by psychologists to help you to assess and make choices about your career, educational or employment options.

The City of Tampere is responsible for offering this service to persons whose municipality of residence is Tampere and who belong to the target group for local government employment pilot projects.

The target group for these pilots includ ...

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The vocational and career guidance service is available to customers who are considering their vocational choices and career related questions, and who want help in clarifying their plans. Counselling can be also given via an interpreter, if need be.

The service is free of charge.

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To whom and on what terms

Contact your personal counsellor or make an appointment with a psychologist by using E-services for personal customers.

The service is provided by

City of Tampere

Responsible for the service

City of Tampere
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Updated: 15/11/2023