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Vaccinations by the maternity and child health clinic

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Responsible for the service: City of Helsinki
Area: Helsinki
Service available in: Finnish

Children that are customers of the clinic will be vaccinated against the following diseases, free of charge:

- rotavirus diarrhoea

- diphtheria

- whooping cough

- tetanus

- polio

- various diseases caused by the pneumococcus bacteria, such as meningitis, pneumonia, blood poisoning and ear infection

- mumps

- measles

- German measles

- chicken pox

- various serious diseases caused by Haemophilus bacteria, such as meningitis, blood poisoning, pneumonia, joint or bone infections and epiglottitis leading to airway obstruction

- seasonal influenza, 6-35 months

Other vaccines and vaccines for risk groups

- An annual vaccine against influenza before the epidemic season begins is recommended, as part of to the general vaccination programme, for those children whose health is significantly endangered by influenza, for example due to an illness or medication.

- A hepatitis A and hepatitis B vaccine is given to children who have a higher risk of contracting hepatitis A or hepatitis B due to their living conditions.

- A BCG vaccine, i.e. tuberculosis vaccine is given to children with a higher risk of contracting tuberculosis.

More information on vaccines is available on the home page of the National Institute for Health and Welfare.

Background information

Vaccinations prevent the spread of contagious diseases. The vaccinations included in the National Immunisation Programme are voluntary and free of charge. Vaccinations for children under the school age are given at child welfare clinics, while school-age children are vaccinated by the school health care services. Many vaccinations given to children and young people must be boosted when they become adults.

Vaccinations can be organised for adults against a contagious disease, if the disease is deemed to possible cause serious damage to national health.

Advice on vaccinations needed for international travel and the required injections are provided by the health centre. A fee is often charged for these vaccines.

The service is provided by: 
City of Helsinki