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The start-up grant – support for a new entrepreneur

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The start-up grant is discretionary support for a new entrepreneur. Its purpose is to secure a new entrepreneur’s livelihood at the starting phase of new full-time entrepreneurship when the income generated by the company is still low. Start-up grant encourages people to continue as entrepreneurs.

The start-up grant may be granted for a maximum of 12 months and it is applied for in periods of six months. The grant amount equals basic unemployment allowance, and it is paid for a maximum of five days per a calendar week.

The start-up grant is applied for in two stages. Before starting business operations, apply for a decision on the start-up grant. Once the business operations have started, apply for the payment of the start-up grant afterwards once a month with a separate payment application.

The first decision on the start-up grant usually covers support for six months. You can submit an extension application for the start-up grant if you need support after the time covered by the first decision.

The start-up grant is granted by the TE Office of your region or your municipality’s employment services if your municipality of residence is involved in the municipal employment experiment and you belong to its target group. The support is paid by the KEHA Centre.

The electronic application is the primary form for the start-up grant, and printable forms are only used in exceptional cases. By using e-services, you can submit an application, respond to requests for supplementary and additional information, supplement your application on your own initiative, and receive decisions. If you cannot use e-services or you do not have the tools needed for strong identification, you can apply with a printout form.

Read more and complete your application carefully.

Do the following

In principle, the grant will not be granted if full-time entrepreneurship has already started before the TE Office has made a decision.

When planning business activities and applying for a start-up grant, contact the Enterprise Finland Telephone Service first. The telephone service provides instructions on establishing a business and the start-up grant application.

Contact the TE services as well when planning to start a business. Book an appointment with a contact request on the My e-Services for private customers or by calling the TE telephone service. Be prepared to discuss your business idea and plans on starting a business, the competitive situation in your field and region, your preparedness for entrepreneurship, and your need for support at the start of the business with an expert.

You might be offered preparatory training for entrepreneurship. A third-party business service provider might be asked to comment on your business plan.

How to apply for a start-up grant

Apply for a grant through the My e-Services for private customers of the TE services. You can log into the e-service with your personal banking IDs, a mobile certificate or a certificate card. If necessary, use paper forms.

Describe your future business operation as clearly as possible. You need to attach action and financial plans to your application. Additional attachments may be requested from you.

If you need a grant for longer than the time covered by the initial decision, submit an extension application no later than one month before the end of the valid start-up grant period. You can submit the extension application in the same way as the first application.

Payment of start-up grant

Apply for payment through the TE services My e-Services after you have received a positive decision and started your business. Apply for payment retrospectively one month at a time. The application must be sent within two months of the end of the payment period.

The KEHA Centre pays the grant twice a month. The payment dates are in the middle and at the end of the month. If your payment application is too late for the first payment date of the month, it will be automatically transferred to the next one.

You can follow your application process in the e-service. If you cannot use e-services or you do not have the means for strong identification, you can apply for the payment with a printout form. Submit the payment application to the KEHA Centre’s payment unit.

To whom and on what terms

You can receive a start-up grant to support your entrepreneurship if

  • you are an unemployed jobseeker,
  • you are not unemployed, but start as a full-time entrepreneur after doing paid work, studying or household work,
  • you are a part-time entrepreneur and you expand your business into a full-time business,
  • you live in Finland and set up your business in Finland.

The following matters are assessed when making the start-up grant decision:

  • full-time entrepreneurship
  • potential for profitable and continuous operation
  • your capabilities for entrepreneurship
  • your need for the allowance
  • the validity of any permissions required by the business operation.

When deciding whether to grant an extension to the start-up grant, the TE Office assesses whether your business has started as planned and how profitable the operation has been.

The service is free of charge.

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