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The business development services:Consultation

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The business development services for companies are consulting and training services offered by ELY Centres, enabling you to develop your company easily and quickly. You will get an experienced management expert to help your company, or you will develop your business skills with top trainers at a reasonable cost.

The Consultation services are divided into five business development areas, which can be tailored to best serve the development needs of the company. The end result of the consultation process is an analysis for the different areas, a report, and further recommendations for the company.

The purpose of the Consultation service is business development within the following areas:

  • Growth and internationalisation: The company’s growth objectives are supported by helping create a strategic plan supporting growth and/or internationalisation, as well as a clear understanding on its customers and markets, and its realistic growth potential. The company’s strategic planning and business activities are developed, and the company is supported in coping with various changes and transformation situations in a controlled manner.
  • Productivity and digitalisation: The competitiveness of the SME’s business is enhanced by developing the company’s production, finance, and control processes, as well as by utilising new technology.
  • Marketing and customer relations: The competitiveness of the SME's business is enhanced by developing marketing strategy and customer management.
  • Management and personnel: The competitiveness of the SME's business is enhanced by mapping the quality of management, the competence and motivation of personnel, as well as well-being at work.
  • Commercialisation of innovations: The commercialisation of the SME's innovations are supported by developing the business activities and the know-how on innovation management.

A consultation generally takes 2–5 days and costs the company EUR 325 + VAT/day. Consultation is available for a total of 15 days in three years.

Do the following

ELY Centre grants the Consultation based on an application.

Please get in touch with the ELY Centre contact person before starting the application process. Familiarise yourself with the service providers and their experts. You can choose the right expert for your company's needs from the service providers by yourself or together with the ELY Centre contact person.

In most cases, the company applying for Consultation is first instructed to get an analysis of the current status of their business (the Analysis service). The Consultation services can also be applied for as a separate service, provided that the current status of the company has been assessed recently and in a comprehensive manner, and that a good written plan has been drawn up of future development efforts. For instance, a recently updated business plan, with a justification for the importance of the development target, may provide adequate information.

Apply for the service online.

The service provider will charge the company its share after the service has been carried out.

General guidance on the Consultation service, as well as on the related electronic services, is offered by EnterpriseFinland telephone service.

To whom and on what terms

The ELY Centre's Consultation Service is intended for SMEs that have established their operations and wish to increase and develop their activities. There are no restrictions concerning sector or company form. Consultation on the commercialisation of innovations can also be granted to early-stage companies.

Consultation cannot be applied for if

• the company is large

• the entrepreneurship is part-time. As a general rule, it is required that the business employs at least the entrepreneur or one employee

• the business is not established. As a general rule, it is required that the company has at least one financial period behind it

• the company has no prerequisites for a profitable business, the company has unpaid tax debt, or defaults of payment

• during the past three tax years, the company or corporation has been granted the De Minimis Aid of EUR 200,000 or the limit would exceed if granted the service

• the company is located in Åland.

• the company need is the drawing up of applications or contracts, or other operational activity

The Consultation service's price for customers is EUR 325 + VAT/day.

A fee is charged for the service.

The Consultation service's price for customers is EUR 325 + VAT/day.

Basic information

Other responsible organisationsELY Centre for Southeast Finland, ELY Centre for South Savo, ELY Centre for South Ostrobothnia, ELY Centre for North Savo, ELY Centre for North Ostrobothnia, ELY Centre for Häme, ELY Centre for Pirkanmaa, ELY Centre for Satakunta, ELY Centre for Lapland, ELY Centre for Ostrobothnia, ELY Centre for North Karelia, ELY Centre for Varsinais-Suomi, ELY Centre for Kainuu, ELY Centre for Central Finland, ELY Centre for Uusimaa
Responsible for the serviceCentre for Economic Development, Transport and the Environment
Area Whole Finland (except Åland)
Available languagesSwedish, Finnish, English
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Updated: 12/10/2021