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TE live is a national TE Office service. It serves both workers and employers without geographical boundaries. TE live consists of live broadcasts with different themes that can be watched online. You can watch a broadcast live on the home page or as a recording afterwards. Subtitles will also be produced for all broadcasts as soon as possible after the live.

The purpose of the service is to present jobs in a versatile and interesting manner and to connect them to jobseekers looking for them. The service creates a revolutionary connection between the employer and the jobseeker, where the employer is asked questions related to the workplace as part of the job interview.

Viewers can participate in the content and course of the broadcast by sending preliminary questions or by asking questions on the chat during the broadcast. The presenter takes the questions into account and brings them to the broadcast.

You do not need to register for the service; it is available to everyone. All live broadcasts, upcoming broadcasts and recordings can be found on the home page. The page can be used to filter the most suitable broadcasts for the user, for example, depending on the location of the workplace.

Broadcasts are divided into three main themes

The most important theme is job vacancies, which are presented comprehensively. In workplace broadcasts, you will hear more about topics that go further than the usual job advertisement, such as the work climate, company values, employee responsibilities and pay. They also include an employee who shares their opinion on the work.

The second theme for broadcasts focuses on different kinds of training. In these, you can hear more about the content of the training and ask questions directly from the trainer.

The third theme is information broadcasts, which discuss, for example, job search tips or various service presentations.

We also produce international broadcasts where companies and other employers have the opportunity to find international workforce both abroad and in Finland.

Do the following

Use the TE live website as a priority for watching broadcasts. Alternatively, you can use the regional YouTube channels of TE Offices to view recordings.

To watch videos, you need a smart device, such as a smartphone, tablet, or computer. Visit the TE live page and browse for your favourite broadcast recordings and watch live broadcasts. During live broadcasts, use the anonymous chat feature to ask the broadcast guests about matters that are of interest to you.

Use the advance question button on the upcoming broadcast cards to send the question to the broadcast. In this way, your question will be asked in the upcoming broadcast and you can view the answer from a recording, for example.

Use the button on the broadcast card to record upcoming broadcasts that interest you or add them to your calendar.

As an employer interested in an broadcast, contact the producer supplier of your region’s TE live team to agree on the broadcast time.

To whom and on what terms

The TE live website is available to everyone. It works online and is also available on mobile devices. The contents are intended for jobseekers in particular, but also for employers.

The service is free of charge for all.

The service is free of charge.

Basic information

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Available languagesEnglish, Finnish, Swedish
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Updated: 3/8/2022