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Support families are ordinary families who have the time, space, and willingness to take care of a child. We provide the training necessary for families to act as support families.

Support families provide parents with a safe place to take their child and have some time for themselves. Support families provide a child with different experiences and new, important relationships that support the ...

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To whom and on what terms

The service is intended for children with need of special support or the child welfare client families. The service helps in problems with parenting, parent's energy resources and when the family has a small social network.

The service is only for citizens of Helsinki.

Background information

A support person or family may be arranged for a child in need of special support and the child’s family. The child does not need to be a client of child welfare services in order to be assigned a support person.

Both support person and support family activities are tailored to the individual needs of the child and their family. The support person meets the child for a couple of hours every one to two weeks, and during their meetings, they pursue mutual activities or hobbies together. In support family activities, the child can, for example, spend one weekend a month with the support family.

The support person or family is paid a fee, and their expenses are reimbursed. Training is available for these roles. Support persons and families are bound by a duty non-disclosure that continues even after they cease their activities.

The service is provided by

City of Helsinki

Responsible for the service

The Social Services, Health Care and Rescue Services Division, City of Helsinki
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Updated: 31/3/2023