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Supervision and Management of Construction Projects

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The goal of supervision during construction is to promote the quality and safety of the built environment. Building projects are to be initiated within three years from receiving the permit, and to be completed within five years. When necessary, it is possible to apply for an extension of these deadlines. For starting the construction, the permit can be extended for a total maximum of two years. F ...

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A notification that the construction is about to start has to be filed in at the Construction Supervision Unit. Construction start notifications are usually filed by the responsible site manager, either by phone or by email, and they are directed to the building inspector responsible for the area.

Location statements and location inspections may be ordered by email at

Final inspections have to be ordered by contacting the Construction Supervision Unit. Please note that final inspections cannot be carried out if the building permit is no longer valid.

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The Municipality of Sipoo

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The Municipality of Sipoo
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Updated: 18/11/2021