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Responsible for the service Digital and Population Data Services Agency e-Authorizations for acting on behalf of a company

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A company can authorise another company or a person to act on its behalf in e-services using e-Authorizations. The mandate is granted in e-Authorizations after which the assignee can log into the e-service using e-Authorizations and select the matter category on behalf of the assignor. The e-service checks the right to act on behalf of the company from e-Authorizations.

If you want to use any of the public administration or private sector web services on behalf of the company you represent, e-Authorizations will check that you have such authorisation. This requires that the web service uses e-Authorizations. e-Authorizations also allows you to request mandates on behalf of your company. With a mandate request, you ask a person or a company to grant you a right to act on their behalf in the matter that your company has specified. The mandate request will only become a valid mandate after it has been validated by the other party.

Do the following

Identify yourself in the Web Service using your personal identifiers and select e-Authorizations from the menu. Change your user role into company in the Change User Role menu in the top right corner.

Public Service Info provides guidance on the use of e-Authorizations by phone, email, text message and via the feedback form. Instructions are also available in the Instructions and Support section of the Web Service.

To whom and on what terms

To grant a mandate, you need to log into the online service. Identification requires personal banking codes, mobile certificate or certificate card

(ID card, organisation card or ID card for a regulated social and health care professional).

You can grant mandates on behalf of a company in e-Authorizations if

  • you are the company’s managing director or substitute managing director entered into the Trade Register
  • you are the company’s signatory entered into the Trade Register who has the right to represent the company (procuration is person-specific and cannot be used as authorisation to act on behalf of a company)
  • you are a self-employed person entered into the Trade Register or the Business Information System (BIS)
  • or if any of the above has granted you the right to create mandates in e-Authorizations in the name of the company (right to grant a mandate).

The service is free of charge.

Basic information

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