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If a company, association or some other organisation cannot independently grant mandates in the online service, an official can register or invalidate the mandate on the basis of a mandate application.

With a mandate application, you can give

  • a right to grant a mandate, in which case the assignee can in e-Authorizations independently grant and invalidate mandates for transact ...

Do the following

Application for the registration or invalidation of a mandate

1 Go to Authorisation with an application page.

2 Read the instructions for your application, that is, find out which information and documents your will need to submit an application and how you can deliver the application for processing.

3 Once you have received the instructions, you can fill in the application on the same page.

4 Submit the application for processing in accordance with the instructions you have received.

5 You will be notified when the mandate has been registered or invalidated. If the application is incomplete and the requested additional information is not provided by the given deadline, the mandate cannot be registered or invalidated and the application will be rejected.

You can fill in the mandate application by yourself, together with the assignee or with the aid of an other assistant, on the Authorisation with an application page.

Accepting a mandate request

A person who can represent the assignor alone can accept a mandate request at the Digital and Population Data Services Agency’s service location. If a company, association or another organisation does not have any persons entitled to represent alone, all persons who can represent in accordance with the rules of representation must together, at the same time, on location, approve the mandate request for their part. Note, however, that a person who has the right to grant mandates can accept mandate requests in e-Authorizations.

Do you need help?

The Digital and Population Data Services Agency’s Customer service for organisations can provide guidance on how to apply.

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To whom and on what terms

The parties that need authorisation with an application:

  • public administration (such as a municipal or central government organisation, an educational institution, the Evangelical Lutheran Church or the Orthodox Church)
  • a Finnish association whose signature rule states that the association is represented by two or more persons together
  • a forest partnership, agricultural partnership or real estate partnership whose shareholder is another community (such as an estate of a deceased person) or whose shareholders do not have identification tokens (such as a bank ID) or a Finnish personal identity number
  • a foreign company in which the persons with signatory rights entered in the Trade Register do not have a Finnish personal identity number or which does not have a business ID
  • business entrepreneurs, self-employed persons and agricultural or forestry traders who cannot use electronic services
  • other organisation or business partnership for which no representatives have been entered into the Trade Register (such as a foundation, religious community, investment fund, unemployment fund, insurance fund, personnel fund, jointly owned forest, road maintenance association, cooperative, ship owner company, other partnership engaged in business or estate of a deceased person, which have a business ID)
  • a Finnish company, association or other organisation if the partners or persons entitled to represent it do not have a Finnish personal identity code or identification token (e.g. online banking codes) or whose authorised representative is another organisation
  • a Finnish company which is bankrupt, in liquidation or has ceased operations

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Digital and Population Data Services Agency, Finnish Tax Administration

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