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Substance Abuse Prevention

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Substance abuse prevention programs are designed to reduce substance dependence and the damage it causes in communities, schools and the workplace. The goal is to reduce problems caused by substance use by cutting back their demand, supply and availability, and to promote health, safety and wellbeing.

Substance abuse prevention work covers alcohol, drugs and tobacco, as well as other substances used for intoxication. Gambling addiction and other functional addictions are also discussed.

Substance abuse prevention is carried out by influencing:

  • information, attitudes and rights concerning substance use
  • protection against substance use, and risk factors related with it

Do the following

You may contact the substance abuse prevention coordinator by phone, email, or on social media.

To whom and on what terms

The services are free of charge and they are meant for young people under 29 years of age.

The service is free of charge.

Background information

The purpose of preventive substance abuse work is to prevent and reduce the harmful effects of the use of alcohol, drugs, tobacco and medicinal substances. This also improves the health, welfare and safety of residents. Preventive substance abuse work also includes counselling for gambling addiction and other addictions.

Municipalities, associations, companies, the police and other state authorities work together to prevent substance abuse.

Preventive substance abuse work also addresses the negative effects of substance abuse to people other than the substance abusers themselves.

Basic information

The service is provided byThe Municipality of Sipoo
Responsible for the serviceThe Municipality of Sipoo
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Updated: 13/9/2021