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Student health care

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The basic duty of student health care is to promote student health and studying abilities and supervise the health-related conditions of the study environment. Student health care operates in a customer-oriented manner, in full confidence and fairly, respecting the student's individuality and right of self-determination. Student health care reinforces the student's own resources, prevents social exclusion, supports the young person in becoming an adult and strengthens their life management skills.

A student can usually get any health care services from the health station of their residential region, and a student from a different municipality from the health station in the region in which the educational institution is located.

All students studying full-time in Helsinki can access oral health care services from Helsinki health stations regardless of their home municipality. The services of student health care are voluntary for the users.

The staff of student health care work in cooperation with the educational institution's staff in a student care workgroup or wellbeing workgroup. The student care workgroup can,

for example, agree together on the support arranged for a student and division of work. Multidisciplinary cooperation is also carried out with other operators in the area.

In order to promote student health, the healthiness and safety of the study environment is inspected every third year. The inspection is performed in cooperation with the student health care services,

the educational institution and its students, the health inspector, the staff's occupational health care services, occupational safety and health personnel and with other specialists, if necessary. The repairing of faults observed during the inspection is monitored every year.

Psychiatric nurses, who work under the title "tsemppari-ohjaaja" (coaching guides) in a few vocational institutions, support the students' life management skills and help them in psychologically difficult situations when necessary.

To whom and on what terms

The services of student health care are granted to the students studying in Helsinki at upper secondary schools and vocational institutions.

Background information

Students in upper secondary school, vocational institutions and institutions of higher education can use student health care services in the municipality where the educational institution is located. Student health care also includes health care provided while a student is completing on-the-job learning and work experience periods.

Student health care services can also be provided by other means, such as the Finnish Student Health Service (FSHS).

Student health care includes two regular health checks during secondary education. All students are offered health checks and services as needed. Help in issues related to mental health, substance abuse problems and sexual health as well as oral care is also available.

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Responsible for the serviceSocial Services and Health Care Division, City of Helsinki
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