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Starting a permitted water resources management project

  • Permit or other obligation
  • Nationwide except the Åland Islands
  • Public service

In principle, you can start your water resources management project when the positive permit decision by the Regional State Administrative Agency gains legal force. The permit decision gains legal force after 38 days have passed since the decision was issued and no appeal has been lodged to the Vaasa Administrative Court.

An applicant can also apply, with justification, for an authorisation for ...

Do the following

If you are requesting an authorisation for preparation of your water resources management project, you must justify the need of the authorisation for preparation and specify the measures you mean to take. The preparatory measures must be such that the security sum is enough to cover all potential damages, nuisances and costs that may result from repealing the decision or amending the conditions of the permit.

If the Regional State Administrative Agency grants an authorisation for preparation and you wish to take the measures allowed by the authorisation, you must lodge a security set by the Regional State Administrative Agency in accordance with their instructions for legal protection and permits. You can find the security form at If there are no appeals against the permit decision, and the decision is therefore not changed, or if the decision is not repealed in court, the security is returned to the permit holder.

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To whom and on what terms

The Regional State Administrative Agency will grant an authorisation for preparation if

  1. the preparatory measures can be taken without causing considerable harm to other uses of waters or the natural environment and its functions, and
  2. after carrying out the measures, the conditions can be essentially restored in case the permit decision is repealed or permit conditions changed.

The applicant must comply with the regulations of the permit decision made by the Regional State Administrative Agency.

An area owned by someone else can be used for the preparatory measures of a water resources management project only if such a right is established in the permit or the holders of rights otherwise agree to it.

If the Regional State Administrative Agency has granted a permit for a water resources management project and an authorisation for preparation, the permit holder must pay a security set by an authority before taking any preparatory measures. The obligation to pay a security does not apply to the state or its institution or a municipality or federation of municipalities

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