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Social rehabilitation

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In Espoo, the social rehabilitation of clients aged 30–65 implemented by adult social work is called Espoon Kipinä.

The aim of social rehabilitation is to support the functional capacity of clients and to strengthen their everyday resources. Social instructors work with clients both individually and in groups.

Social rehabilitation is systematic work, in which we aim to support the client in living a meaningful and functional everyday life. During the rehabilitation process, we aim to lay the groundwork for further paths, if possible.

The services of social rehabilitation are free of charge.

Our social rehabilitation and employment promotion team works as part of Espoo Adult Social Work. Our team consists of five social instructions of social rehabilitation, three employment instructors, a social instructor at the Competence Centre for Highly Educated Immigrants, an instructor at the residents’ space Kivenkolo, a chief social worker and a coordinator of group activities.

Our team also makes use of the competence of a trained experience expert.

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