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Responsible for the service Social Services and Health Care Division, City of Helsinki

Social and crisis emergency services

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Social emergency services help during crisis situations occurring during evenings and weekends.

Situations that require immediate actions from the social authorities are part of the duties of social emergency services.

The crisis emergency support provides emergency crisis support in sudden crisis situations, such as the sudden death of a close relative, violent situations, severe injury/illness or fire.

Acute crisis support is short-term support: there are 1 to 5 customer meetings, crisis support via phone, assessment of further treatment needs and arrangement of further treatment.

To whom and on what terms

The service is only for citizens of Helsinki.

Background information

You should contact the child welfare emergency services when the situation of a child, a young person or a family requires urgent advice or immediate intervention. This includes situations associated with violence, substance abuse or suspicions of child neglect.

Municipal emergency child welfare services can be reached via telephone during office hours. Outside of office hours in the evenings and during the nights, please contact the Emergency Response Centre (call 112). When necessary, the Emergency Response Centre will connect you with the municipality's emergency social services. Some municipalities also have a round-the-clock emergency social services phone number.

Basic information

The service is provided byCity of Helsinki
Responsible for the serviceSocial Services and Health Care Division, City of Helsinki
Area Helsinki
Available languagesFinnish, Swedish
Text edited by: Social Services and Health Care Division, City of Helsinki
Updated: 22/5/2022