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Services for infectious diseases

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In the specialty of infectious diseases, illnesses caused by microbes such as bacteria, viruses, fungi, and parasites are examined and treated. Infectious diseases are very common. The majority of ordinary infections are treated in primary health care and outpatient health care, or they heal on their own with home remedies. Patients with infections requiring inpatient care are treated based on the severity of the infection in all the hospitals in the HUS area.

In the specialty of infectious diseases, patients with severe infectious diseases are treated. Those in need of inpatient care based on the severity of the infection are treated in all HUS hospitals. Meilahti Triangle Hospital has two inpatient wards for infectious diseases. We also provide treatment in the Day Hospital at Meilahti Triangle Hospital and the appointment outpatient clinic.

Since infectious diseases are common diseases, they occur in all specialties. Patients with infections are primarily treated in each specialty, for which the services of infectious diseases are provided by a consultant infectious-disease specialist designated for the specialty.

The main patient groups in the specialty of infectious diseases are:

  • those with severe general infections, such as sepsis
  • patients with immunological disorders, such as HIV patients and patients with congenital immunodeficiencies such as CVI patients
  • patients with infection complications, as well as severe diagnostic and treatment challenges such as fever of unclear origin
  • patients suffering from severe postoperative infections
  • patients with rare tropical diseases such as malaria

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Responsible for the serviceHelsinki and Uusimaa Hospital District
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Updated: 12/1/2022