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Responsible for the service City of Turku

Runosmäki health station

  • Service location

You can contact your health station online or by phone. When you call, a nurse will assess your condition and your need for treatment.

Are you experiencing clear symptoms such as a cough or sore thro ...

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Visiting information

Signalistinkatu 2
20360 Turku

Service hours

Appointment booking and consulting by phone
Monday 7.30–14.00
Tuesday-Friday 8.00–14.00
Monday-Tuesday 8.00–16.00
Wednesday 8.15–16.00
Thursday 8.00–16.00 and 8.00–16.00
Friday 8.00–16.00

Other contact details

Basic information

Responsible for the service City of Turku
Area Turku
Available languagesEnglish, Finnish, Swedish
Text edited by: City of Turku
Updated: 3/19/2020