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Multi-Purpose Hall

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The multi-purpose hall was raised in April 2004 in central Nikkilä, where it was mined in bedrock. The ball games hall has an area of 1,200 square metres (22 m wide and 55 m long), and it can be divided into four separate parts.

The parts can be used for e.g. dance and musical activity classes for children, and to play various ball games such as floorball, basketball, volleyball, futsal, handball ...

Visiting address

Service hours

Monday-Friday 7.00–22.00
Saturday 10.00–16.00
Sunday 11.30–20.00

Other contact details

Telephone number

Multi-Purpose Hall INFO
+358 401914119 
(local/mobile network fee)
Reservations / Sari Polojärvi
+358 401914290 
(local/mobile network fee)


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Updated: 11/1/2023