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Service certificates for organisations

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Service certificates are software certificates used to authenticate a service provider’s service or server. Service certificates are granted for various uses:

  • server certificate
  • e-mail certificate
  • system signature certificates.

The purpose of a service certificate is to guarantee that a service provider’s (organisation or private person) server or service belongs to the correct certificate holder. A service certificate therefore allows the service user to verify the authenticity of the service provider. Service certificates can be used to authenticate both public administration and private sector services.

  • A server certificate allows the web service user to verify the authenticity of the service provider. Server certificates also facilitate the encryption of data exchange between a server and its user.
  • An e-mail certificate is intended for using individual e-mail addresses of an organisation that are monitored by several persons.
  • A system signature certificate is used to electronically sign documents that are not signed using personal certificates.

There are also test certificates available that are intended for use in test environments.

Service certificates are based on the X.509 standard and they can be used to enable SSL protected data transfers between a browser and server or between two servers.

A server certificate is valid for at most one year. E-mail certificates and system signature certificates are valid for at most two years.

Do the following

Apply for a service certificate via the e-services. Applying for a certificate will require that you register as an e-service user. At the time of registration, the user creates a customer account for the organisation they represent, and they can then invite other users or a technical contact to this account. Registration will require strong identification from the user.

The applicant fills in the application and attaches the certificate request (csr file) to the application or alternatively invites a technical contact person to the account to attach the certificate request.

The customer can view the processing stages for their request in their own e-service account.

The delivery time for service certificates is at most five workdays, if the application has been filled in correctly and the necessary attachments have been submitted. The service certificate is delivered to the applicant or the technical support person they have specified by email in der or pem format.

The application will expire if it has been pending for more than 6 months and it is completed incorrectly or the necessary attachments are missing.

A service certificate must be revoked if it is suspected that the certificate holder’s private key has been compromised. A certificate must also be revoked if it is no longer needed or its purpose changes. A revoked certificate cannot be reinstated. The revocation request is submitted in the e-services.

To whom and on what terms

A service certificate is granted to a private actor or association that handles the administration of its own domain name.

A fee is charged for the service.

The price of a service certificate is 300,00 €/year (VAT 0%). The price is per year and it is charged at the time the certificate is created. A test server certificate is half the price of a normal certificate. A 15 € delivery fee will be added to prices.

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