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Security officer certification

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A security officer is a person who carries out security tasks that require certification in the service of a holder of a security sector business licence or a security protection supplier. Such tasks include the planning, installation, repair or alteration of structural protection or electronic surveillance systems, and the planning of other security arrangements. Security services refers to managing security on the basis of client contracts for the purpose of earning income. Police departments grant security officer certifications.

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You can submit an application through the police e-service. However, the applicant must visit a police department in person if this is necessary for a specific reason. You can also make an application in person at a police station or at a police service point. The following must be attached to the application:

- report on performing security tasks

- report on whether the applicant works as an employee or as an independent entrepreneur

- report on the applicant’s employer, if the applicant works as an employee

- the employer’s name and business ID

- photograph of the applicant that meets the requirements stipulated in the provisions under section 6, subsection 5 of the Passports Act.

Visit the police website for more information on security officer certification, amending a certification, or how to order a duplicate copy of a security officer licence.

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