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Searching for partner or successor for business

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When you are looking for a successor or partner for your business, you will receive advice and support from the recruitment services of TE Offices and local government pilots.

There are several ways to find a suitable person.

  • Publish a job posting at Job Market Finland. Select 'entrepreneurship' as the type of employment relationship. You can also search for a partner for a cooperative and fra ...

Do the following

If you want to publish your posting at Job Market Finland, log in to the online service. You need online banking codes, a mobile certificate, or an identity card with a microchip. To create a posting, you must change your role to a company representative. You can do this by clicking the purple button at the top of the page that says your name or the name of the company you represent. If the company does not appear in the role selection list, check whether you have the necessary authority to represent the company.

You can also send the posting to the TE Office or local government pilot. Submit a contact request in the E-services of TE Services.

General advice on recruiting and using relevant online service channels is provided by Enterprise Finland Telephone Service.

To whom and on what terms

These free services of the TE Offices and local government pilots are available to all recruiting companies and other organisations.

Please note that the Vacancies section of Job Market Finland is not for advertisements for invoicing cooperatives, or sale and marketing advertisements for business premises, or calls for members in service provider networks. It is also not possible to provide price or rental information in the advertisement.

To submit a job posting, you must log in to Job Market Finland. This requires strong identification.

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Updated: 10/8/2023