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Responsible for the service City of Turku

School Social Worker

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• Supports the student’s everyday work at school, interaction, and ability to function• evaluates the student’s circumstances by learning about the student’s school attendance and life situation at individual, family and school community levels• consults teachers and student welfare personnel• co-operates closely and openly with parents• works with classes and student groups• participates in multidisciplinary student welfare work and networking• participates in the development of school-specific student welfare as an expert of their own field• if needed, guides the student or family to get other forms of support or care

According to the law on school and student welfare the parent or guardian does not have the right to deny their underage child the use of school social worker services.

Contact the school social worker if you are worried about the student’s:• behaviour• absences• mood• relationships with friends• family circumstances

The student can become a customer of school social worker:• by contacting the school social worker him/herself• by the request of the parent or guardian• by the guidance of school personnel (e.g. teacher, public health nurse, psychologist)• by the guidance of a co-operation partner• by invitation of the school social worker

To whom and on what terms

  1. -9. luokan oppilaille, Koulukuraattori Mari Knaapi, puh. 050 432 3589

Basic information

The service is provided byCity of Turku
Responsible for the serviceCity of Turku
Area Turku
Available languagesFinnish, Swedish
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Updated: 10/1/2022