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Responsible for the service Central Ostrobothnia Joint Municipal Authority for Social and Health Services Soite

School health care services

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School health care is intended for primary school children and their families. The purpose of school health care is to promote the pupil's growth, development, health and well-being, support parents and guardians in the child's upbringing, to provide early identification and support regarding the pupil's need for special support or examinations, and support for self-care for chronically ill children and referral to further examinations and care. School health care also includes the promotion and monitoring of a healthy and safe school environment, as well as oral health care. The school health care services also see to the vaccination coverage among pupils and continues the voluntary and free vaccination program started at the child health clinic. The school health services must have a written vaccination permit from the pupil's parent/guardian when vaccinating a school child.

School health care includes annual health checks, of which 1st, 5th and 8th grade health checks are extensive. During an extensive health check, the school nurse and doctor together assess not only the pupil's health and well-being, but also the well-being of the entire family, and the parents are invited to the examination.

Health examinations can also be performed at other times according to individual needs. The work is done together with parents, teachers and other student care and teaching staff.

If a schoolchild under the age of 12 falls ill, parents have the right to stay at home to care for the child for up to 4 days. Through the school nurse you get a sick leave certificate for your employer. Certificates are not written retroactively.

Do the following

You can book an appointment electronically for the 1st grade health check for pupils starting school and the 5th grade extensive health check. You can also change and cancel the appointment via the electronic service. The transfer and cancellation must be made 24 hours before the appointment time. You can still book an appointment for the school entrance examination by phone as well.

You can make an appointment for the health check after the school nurse has informed about it. The identification in electronic services is done with online banking IDs.

Kokkola's school health care uses an electronic eEsitieto form, which can be filled in via an electronic appointment booking. We ask parents to fill in an electronic eEsitieto form about the child's health before arriving for the check-up.

Students can come to open receptions without a pre-booked appointment to discuss their symptoms and issues that trouble them. Parents can also contact the school nurse.

To whom and on what terms

School health care is free of charge and is generally available during the school days at the school or in its immediate vicinity.

A fee (€ 51.40) will be charged for unused or uncancelled doctor's appointments or oral health care appointments for clients over the age of 15, unless there are grounds for not doing so. The cancellation must be made 2 days before the appointment time.

Background information

The purpose of school healthcare is to monitor the pupils’ growth and development and to promote their health and well-being. The school healthcare services are also responsible for seeing to that the school environment is healthy and safe and for supporting parents in their educational task. Health examinations are organised for each grade.

School healthcare participates in identifying a pupil’s need for special support. If a pupil has long-term illnesses or they need further tests and treatment, the school healthcare refers them to the right services. If the pupil and any person accompanying them incur costs for a journey related to school healthcare, these costs are reimbursed.

Basic information

The service is provided byCentral Ostrobothnia Joint Municipal Authority for Social and Health Services Soite
Responsible for the serviceCentral Ostrobothnia Joint Municipal Authority for Social and Health Services Soite
Area Halsua, Kannus, Kaustinen, Kokkola, Kronoby, Lestijärvi, Perho, Reisjärvi, Toholampi, Veteli
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