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School and student health care doctor's check-ups

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Extensive health examinations

- The aim is to support and maintain the child's health

- The aim is to provide a comprehensive picture of the child's/young person's life situation and factors that affect his or her health and future, so that problems may be addressed as early as possible.

- Review of resources and concerns: public health nurse's views + teacher's views + student welfare experts' views + the pupil's views + the parent's views + the doctor's views

- Parents' concerns are often reflected on their children as well. The extensive health examinations aim to consider these as well. If necessary, the parents are directed towards further treatment.

- A follow-up plan is compiled together with the child and his or her parents.

o What is going well

o What ought to be changed. Possible need for tests, statements, follow-up, etc.

o Possible need for outside help

o >> steering towards possible further tests and treatment

Student health care examinations, including call-up examinations, preparation of certificates required for studying, contraception matters

Examinations based on individual needs, which are prioritised over periodic examinations. For example:

- appointment with a doctor based on concerns raised by student welfare experts (need for special support)

- health examinations of special needs pupils

- examination of pupils and students exposed to tuberculosis

- health examinations of immigrants in special situations (note that an interpreter is always requested if required)

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