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Retinal photography for Helsinki residents with diabetes

How can I get this service?

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Responsible for the service: City of Helsinki
Area: Helsinki
Service available in: Finnish, Swedish

Retinal photography for Helsinki residents with diabetes.

Preparing for the examination

Retinal photography does not require any preparations made by you.

The photography takes a few minutes, but you should reserve about an hour for the visit.

If you are pregnant or allergic to eye drops, please notify the staff before the drops are administered.


Drops that expand the pupils will be administered into your eyes. The duration of the effect of the drops varies (several hours).

During the photography, you will sit in front of a camera and look towards a target point. A strong flash is used to take the photographs, which will dazzle the eye momentarily.

After the examination

After the examination, the drops will affect your ability to see for several hours.

We do not recommend driving a car after the examination.

You can request the results from the treatment unit or through omakanta (

To whom and on what terms

referral is needed

The service is only for citizens of Helsinki.

The service is provided by: 
City of Helsinki