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Research permit application to the Regional State Administrative Agency

  • Permit or other obligation
  • Nationwide
  • Public service

In individual cases, the Regional State Administrative Agency may authorise access to confidential documents for conducting scientific research or statistics, or for authoritative planning or investigation. The conditions for granting a permit are laid down in section 28 of the Act on the Openness of Government Activities.

Do the following

Your application for a research permit and/or its appendices should include at least the following:

1) Research name

2) Organisation/researcher/research group in charge of preparing the research

3) Research implementers (researcher/research group)

4) Research location and its address

5) Material used in the research (definition of the requested material)

6) Where the requested material is to be studied (at the premises of the Regional State Administrative Agency or elsewhere)

7) Purpose of use of the requested information and research duration

8) How the material is protected against unauthorised processing

9) How the material is destroyed or archived

10) Research plan

11) Non-disclosure commitments signed by the researcher or researchers

12) Any other permits granted for the study

13) Contact person

You can use this electronic form to submit a research permit application or email a free-form request to the registry.

To whom and on what terms

When considering the permit, it is ensured that the freedom of scientific research is safeguarded.

If the permit for the disclosure of confidential information concerns documents of several authorities under the same ministry, such as documents of several Regional State Administrative Agencies, the ministry in question will make the decision on the permit. Before making the decision, the ministry will consult the relevant authorities, if necessary.

Processing time

Approximately 1–4 weeks. The processing time may be affected on a case-by-case basis by, for example, the need for further clarification of the research subject and material or other clarification related to the research permit application.

Period of validity

The permit may be granted for a fixed period and shall be accompanied by the necessary provisions to protect public and private interests. The permit may be cancelled when considered reasonable.

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Regional State Administrative Agency

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Regional State Administrative Agency
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Updated: 19/10/2021