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Rental housing

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The City of Helsinki owns more than 56,000 rental apartments, most of which are reasonably priced Ara rental apartments financed with state support. Tenant selection for Ara rental housing is based on legislation. The selection criteria include the applicants' need for housing, their income and wealth.

In addition to Ara apartments, the city also provides non-subsidised rental apartments and apartments for short-term housing needs, for example, during periods of plumbing renovation or practical training.

Applications for rental housing and the rental housing service are free of charge.

Applications can be made via Rental apartment search website.

Applications for the City of Helsinki’s rental housing will change in the autumn. In future, housing will be applied for with new housing applications, and the current housing applications will expire.

All persons wishing to continue to apply for housing must submit a new application. More information:

To whom and on what terms

In the selection of residents, applicants who need housing the most urgently, the least wealthy and those on the lowest incomes are prioritised.

The primary applicant must be at least 18 years old and have a Finnish social security number. Wealth limits are applied in tenant selection for Ara apartments.

Service vouchers are used in the service.

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Background information

A person looking for rental housing may make enquiries with the municipality. Rental housing units owned by municipalities mostly are rental housing built on state support, to which resident selection criteria laid down in law apply.

While the municipalities do not have a statutory duty to offer rental housing to their residents, developing housing conditions in their area is part of the municipalities’ tasks. Most municipalities have had rental housing units built and offer them for rent to the residents, either directly or through a rental housing company established by the municipality.

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