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Recognition of Qualifications

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The Finnish National Agency for Education decides on the eligibility that qualifications completed abroad give for positions in Finland that require a higher education degree of a certain level or a specific education. Whether the decision is made on the comparability of a degree or studies to a Finnish qualification or on recognition of professional qualifications depends on where the foreign qualification is completed, the applicant’s nationality and the purpose for the application for recognition.

A list of regulated professions for which a decision, made either by the Finnish National Agency for Education or another authority, is needed can be accessed at:

Further information:

Do the following

To apply for a decision, you need to submit a completed and signed application form, accompanied by the necessary appendices to:

Finnish National Agency for Education / Registry office

P.O. Box 380

00531 Helsinki, Finland

The documents which need to be enclosed are listed in the application instructions.

The Finnish National Agency for Education sends you an email notification of the receipt of your application within one month of the date on which your application arrived.

The decision is issued in Finnish or Swedish. The decision will be sent by post to you or your contact person in Finland. The invoice will be sent separately to the same address.

You may appeal against the decision to an Administrative Court in Finland. The appeal instructions are appended to the decision.

If the recognition decision requires you to complete supplementing studies, an adaptation period or an aptitude test, instructions on how to complete the required compensation measure are appended to the application along with a form used when applying for a final decision. To apply for the final decision, submit the application form and a certificate proving that the requires compensation measure has been completed.

Application form (in Finnish, Swedish and English) and instructions (in Finnish, Swedish, English and Russian):

To whom and on what terms

A fee is charged for the service.

• Decision on the recognition of the level of a higher education degree €234

• Decision on the recognition foreign higher education studies as comparable to a certain Finnish degree or study module or on the recognition of professional qualifications €353. The fee is increased by €122 for any additional eligibility; however, the maximum surcharge is €244.

• Processing fee for a cancelled application €62

• Final decision €55

Background information

Act on the recognition of professional qualifications 1384/2015, an unofficial translation into English (

Act on Eligibility for Public Posts Provided by Higher Education Studies Completed Abroad 1385/2015, an unofficial translation into English (

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