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Real estate specific wastewater management

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A real-estate specific wastewater treatment system must fulfil the treatment power requirements set out in the in the Environmental Protection Act.

The wastewaters must be treated so that they do not cause any health or environmental hazards. Outside the operational area of the water management plant, wastewaters are usually processed real estate specifically.

Each piece of real estate must have a written review of the treatment system of the wastewaters produced by the real estate. The requirements set for this review have been presented in the in the Environmental Protection Act and in the Government Decree on Treating Domestic Wastewater in Areas Outside Sewer Networks.

Building or changing a wastewater system requires a actionpermit, which is applied for from the Building Control. A plan concerning the wastewater system should be attached to this permit application, which must fulfil the criteria presented in the Government Decree on Treating Domestic Wastewater in Areas Outside Sewer Networks.

The plan of the wastewater system must be compiled by a qualified planner. The Environment services will give usually the Building Control a statement concerning the plan. The wastewater system must be used and maintained in accordance with the manufacturer's instructions and legislation so that it works as planned and that the set treatment requirements for wastewaters are met.

The wastewater system must have up-to-date user and maintenance instructions. These must be kept on the premises and be shown to the control authorities upon request.

Background information

Water services run by municipalities and joint municipal authorities are responsible for ensuring good-quality household water to residents and the appropriate sewage and treatment of wastewater.

Properties located in densely populated areas must in principle be connected to the municipal water supply and sewer network. The property owner must enter into an agreement with the water utility on connecting the property to water services. When the ownership of a property changes, the agreement is usually transferred to the new owner. The owner of the property pays for their property to be connected to the water supply and sewer network, for the technical connection work, for water use and a waste water charge.

Owners of properties located outside densely populated areas are not always obligated to join up as users of the water supply network if water supply and sewage for the property are handled appropriately in some other way. Water services are not necessarily available in sparsely populated areas. The municipal environmental protection authority can also grant an exemption to the obligation to connect to the network on the basis of an application.

When most of the properties in a certain area are connected to the water supply and sewer networks, water services function effectively, economically and safely. The treatment of waste water is a way of caring for our environment. Municipalities and joint municipal authorities cooperate with private water cooperatives as well as with operator that supply water and treat waste water.

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