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Psychologist's services

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The psychologist's services offer help at the crossroads of life. Psychologists offer assessments in the form of discussions and preventive care.

Together with the psychologist, you will find out what factors cause and maintain the psychological symptoms. In the psychological care, new ways are discovered to promote mental health and ease symptoms. In addition to talking, different questionnaires ...

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To get help, contact the psychologist's services in your municipality of residence.

You may be referred to a psychologist by your health and social services centre, child welfare clinic, school or student health care, occupational health care or services for disabled persons. Not all psychologist's services require a referral.

Via the psychologist's services, it is also possible to get help in acute crisis situations. Crisis groups may operate differently in different municipalities.

Background information

A psychologist offers help for patients who are encountering problems. These problems may be related to life crises, interpersonal relationships, the family, work, unemployment or studies, life management, health, coping or other worries. Psychologist’s services are provided for children, young people and adults of all ages. These services are accessed through the health centre.

Talking to a psychologist helps the patient structure their problems and find strength to live on. Support may be provided over the short or long term. The services are free of charge and confidential. If necessary, the psychologist will refer the patient to further examination and a doctor’s care.

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