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Producer’s application for approval in the producer register

  • Permit or other obligation
  • Nationwide except the Åland Islands
  • Public service

A company with producer responsibility must apply for approval in the producer register.

According to the Waste Act, the producer responsibility applies to the following companies (producers):

  • manufacturers and importers of electrical and electronic equipment and sellers that sell equipment under their own brand name
  • manufacturers and importers of batteries and accumulators, and those who place electrical and electronic equipment, vehicles and other products containing batteries and accumulators to the market
  • manufacturers and importers of passenger cars, vans or other similar vehicles and operators that import vehicles on behalf of Finnish users
  • importers, manufacturers and retreaders of tyres as well as those importing vehicles and equipment equipped with tyres
  • importers of paper products as well as manufacturers and importers of paper used for the manufacture of paper products
  • packagers and importers of packaged products whose turnover is at least EUR 1,000,000 (excluding packaging manufacturers).

If a company joins a producer corporation, it does not need to submit an application to the ELY Centre. Producer corporations are organisations established by the producers themselves that carry out the statutory producer responsibility obligations on behalf of their members.

If a company submits its own application to the producer register, it must arrange the collection, recycling and other waste management of the products it imports or manufactures at its own expense. The application must include an account of how waste management is organised. Please note that if a company operates in several areas of producer responsibility, it must submit a producer’s application for each sector.

Based on the application, the ELY Centre decides on approval in the producer register.

If the business ID of a company approved in the producer register changes, the company must submit a new application.

The ELY Centre for Pirkanmaa is the authority that supervises producer responsibility throughout the country, with the exception of Åland.

Do the following

Online services should be used primarily. Fill in the information requested on the form and send it with its attachments via the electronic service. A company that submits the application for themselves must tick the box “producer” on the form.

If you use a printable form, send it with its attachments to the registry of the ELY Centre by post (Pirkanmaa ELY Centre, registry, P.O. Box 297, 33101 Tampere) or by email (

You can find more information on the producer responsibility website at

To whom and on what terms

The products and producers covered by producer responsibility are listed in section 48 of the Waste Act (646/2011).

In their application, the applicant must provide all the requested information on the products they have placed on the market, the reception of products returned from end users, and so forth. A producer of household electrical and electronic equipment must also provide an account of the guarantee under section 61 of the Waste Act.

A fee is charged for the service.

The fee charged for the application process is based on the government decree on the ELY Centre’s services subject to a fee that is valid at the time of submitting the application. The amount of the fee is adjusted annually. The fee is the same for both positive and negative decisions.

Period of validity

The decision approving the producer is valid until further notice.

Basic information

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