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Presenting a weapon

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A weapon is presented by taking it to the police station either on any of the days notified by the police department or by appointment. The purpose of the presentation is to ensure that when a weapon is registered for a new owner or an existing licence is changed, correct information is entered in the register. For example, there are often mistakes in the weapon numbers. The police may also reques ...

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The police department can require that a reservation for the presentation is made by using the reservation system. It is also possible that the police departments have predetermined hours for the presentation of weapons during which a weapon can be brought to the police station for inspection without a reservation. The police departments publish information about their procedures on their websites. If you want to present a weapon on another time than indicated, you have to agree on it with the police department separately.

When you present a weapon you must have with you a licence entitling you to acquire or manufacture a weapon (a weapon licence with either an acquisition or a manufacturing licence). A weapons inspector shall verify that an acquired or manufactured weapon conforms with the licence and enters the identification data of the weapon in the police’s system. A licence certificate entitling to the possession of a weapon can be granted only after a weapon has been presented.

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