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Preschool Education

How can I get this service?

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Responsible for the service: City of Vaasa
Area: Vaasa
Service available in: Swedish, Finnish, English

In Vaasa, preschool education is provided in day care centres. Preschool education in day care centers is a part of the preschool education system, starting from the day care; it is systematic and long-term training and education aiming at supporting the child’s growth and development during preschool age. Furthermore, the preschool education supports children’s learning to learn and offers possibilities for children to experience the joy of learning.

Preschool education is based on the criteria established in the preschool curriculum by the National Board of Education. All preschools in Vaasa follow the same curriculum, which is also used as a base for the curriculum in day care centers.

Do the following

Enrolment for the period 2019 – 2020 (beginns in August) is between 17th January - 31st January 2019. However, an application for preschool education can be done retrospectively.

The area borders for basics schools are followed when placing children in the Preschool education. The municipality give the child a place in Preschool education from the own geographical area, according to the law of basic education.

A certain Preschool education unit cannot be chosen when applying for day care.

Preschool education for children whose parents work at night, or do non-standard shifts, is provided in Punahilkka day care centre.

You can apply for preschool education electronically.

If you experience any problems with the application, please contact us.

To whom and on what terms

The service is free of charge.

Background information

Children in the pre-primary education age, or 6 years, participate in pre-primary education organised by the municipality. Those 7-year-olds whose school attendance has been postponed also participate in pre-primary education. It can additionally be attended by 5-year-olds to whom a decision on extended compulsory education has been issued.

The children receive pre-primary education for four hours every morning. During this time, a lunch is served to the children.

Under the Basic Education Act, participation in pre-primary education is mandatory. A child’s guardian is responsible for ensuring that the child participates in pre-primary education or activities that meet its objectives during the school year that precedes the start of compulsory education.

The service is provided by: 
City of Vaasa