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Preparatory education (VALMO)

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VALMO is meant for students whose native languages are not Finnish or Swedish and prepares them for basic education. The students learn Finnish and other skills for approximately a year before transferring to local schools.

Students whose native languages are not Finnish or Swedish can choose between Finnish as a Second Language and Literature (S2) or Swedish as Second Language and Literature (R2).

OMO is education given in students’ native languages.

Supported teaching (MATU) is education given to students who require support for developing their skills in the language they are studying in and other study-related skills.

Native language education (MAI) is education given to students whose native language is not Finnish or Swedish. Students who have already learned the language while living abroad can also participate in native language education.

Romani language education is available to students who speak Romani as a native language or use it with their family.

To whom and on what terms

15 to 16-year-olds

Basic information

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Responsible for the serviceCity of Turku
Area Turku
Available languagesEnglish, Finnish, Swedish
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Updated: 21/1/2022