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Pre-primary education in Vantaa

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Pre-school education starts one year before a child starts going to school. Pre-school is four hours a day and it’s during the working hours of the schools. In Vantaa, free pre-school education that follows the city’s’ curriculum is available in day cares and in few other schools.

Pre-school education became mandatory in the beginning of 2015. This means that a child must take part in pre-school that lasts one year, or some other form of activity that helps the child to achieve pre-school-like goals. This happens the year prior to compulsory education. A child who is within the age of pre-school is still entitled to early childhood education. In addition to pre-schoo, the child has the right to early childhood care only if both caretakers are either working or studying full-time. You can also have the right to early childhood care if it’s needed because of the development, supportive or family conditions.

Early childhood care in Finnish is administrated by the result area service of early childhood education, whereas the Swedish early childhood care is administrated by the Swedish result area service.

When you register you child into pre-school education, you have the right to apply for an English language rich pre-school, a Swedish language-bath education or a large-scale English pre-school education. The registration is done electronically via the VaSa-service. If you’re not able to register electronically, you can also apply filling a paper form.

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To whom and on what terms

Pre-school education is mainly for children who will turn six on that particular calendar year.

The service is free of charge.

Background information

Children in the pre-primary education age, or 6 years, participate in pre-primary education organised by the municipality. Those 7-year-olds whose school attendance has been postponed also participate in pre-primary education. It can additionally be attended by 5-year-olds to whom a decision on extended compulsory education has been issued.

The children receive pre-primary education for four hours every morning. During this time, a lunch is served to the children.

Under the Basic Education Act, participation in pre-primary education is mandatory. A child’s guardian is responsible for ensuring that the child participates in pre-primary education or activities that meet its objectives during the school year that precedes the start of compulsory education.

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