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Plot subdivision or change thereof

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When the detailed plan has entered into force, a plot subdivision is prepared in the area at the request of the landowner. The plot subdivision is a block-level plan on how the block will be divided into building sites. The preparation of a plot subdivision takes approximately 2.5 months. 

A separate plot subdivision or a change thereof is made at the written request of the owner of the area, ...

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Background information

The local detailed plan and the plot division entered into it are the responsibility of the municipality.

An area specified in a local detailed plan as an area to be built in a building block can be marked as a plot or divided into several plots. The plot division is shown on the map of the local detailed plan and its binding nature is laid down in the local detailed plan.

A landowner may also submit an application for a change to plot division to the municipality. Plot division can be drawn up separately or as part of the local detailed plan. If the landowner has specifically requested that a plot division be drawn up or changed, the municipality has the right to charge a fee from the landowner.

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